FBROF Bye Laws


(An organizational wing of FBOA and constituent of AIBPARC)
Registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955 (1) No.ER.702/2009
Regd. Office: FBOA Centre, FBOA Road,Aluva – 683 101
Phone : 0484- 2628046 Email: fbrofmail@gmail.com
(Amended up to 24th June 2018 incorporating the Bye-law amendments approved in the
24th Biennial General Body Meeting of FBROF held at Aluva on 24.06.2018)


FEDERAL BANK RETIRED OFFICERS’ FORUM (FBROF) (An organizational wing of FBOA and constituent of AIBPARC ) (Registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955 (1)No.ER.702/2009 BYE-LAWS (Amended up to 24.06.2018)
The name of the Organization shall be Federal Bank Retired Officers’ Forum (FBROF) and it shall hereinafter be referred to as “The Forum”
The Registered Office of the Forum shall be at Aluva. It will be functioning presently at FBOA Centre, FBOA Road, Aluva-683101
The area of operation of the Forum shall be all over India. The Forum will function from Aluva.
The Forum intends to function without profit motive as per the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act No.12 of 1955. Any profit or surplus generated out of the activities will not be divided among the members and the Forum decides to function with the following main aims and objectives: (a) To organize and unite all retired officers of the Federal Bank (b) To look after the welfare of the members and their families (c) To co-ordinate its activities as an organizational wing of the Federal Bank Officers’ Association (FBOA) affiliated to All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC) and as a constituent of All India Bank Pensioners’ And Retirees’ Confederation (AIBPARC) and to strive for the unity of Retired Bank Officers. The Forum shall aim at the welfare of the retired officers and work for it. Improvements in pension scheme, extension of medical aid facilities and other benefits as applicable to serving officers shall be given top priority. (d) To enter into other activities which are beneficial to the members (e) To stand above the limitations of Caste, Religion, Economic status and Political inclinations of its members. (f) To foster equality, brotherhood and comradeship among the members. (g) To work for the economic, cultural and social development of the members. (h) To try for organizing Reading rooms, Libraries, Publications and Discussion Forums (i) To do suitable charitable activities among the public for the benefit of economically and socially weak persons.
(a) Eligibility All officers of The Federal Bank Limited who retired from service on superannuation/ who voluntarily retired from service/who were compulsorily retired/who resigned from service after considerably long years of service /whose services were terminated after considerably long years of service by the Bank for any reason whatsoever and who are Associate Members of The Federal Bank Officers’ Association are eligible to apply for membership of the Forum (b) Admission 1. Persons eligible as per 5 (a) above shall apply for membership in the prescribed application form immediately on retirement/cessation from the service. 2 The Executive Committee of the Forum shall consider the applications for membership in its meeting held after the receipt of the application/s FEDERAL BANK RETIRED OFFICERS’ FORUM 4 and shall have powers to accept or reject any application for membership or postpone a decision to the subsequent meeting. However, the decision shall be conveyed to the applicant within one month of such meeting/s. 3.Every retired officer eligible for membership and desirous of becoming a member of the Forum shall remit an Admission Fee of Rs.2000 and Associate Membership Fee of Rs.500 (payable to FBOA), thus making total fee payable at the time of admission to Rs.2500 and shall pay a monthly subscription of Rs.100/- w.e.f 1 August, 2017. For existing members as on 31.07.2017, the monthly subscription will be applicable effective from 1 August 2018. Members on attaining 80 years of age are exempted from paying monthly subscription to the Forum. Monthly subscription of Members who are seriously ill / not opted/not eligible for pension can be dispensed with by the Executive Committee, on request by the respective members duly recommended by the area/ zonal secretaries.
(c ) Default in payment of subscription.
Members whose subscription is in arrears for more than three months as on 31 March of the previous financial year will not be entitled for the benefits / rights whatsoever from the Forum including contesting in election, claiming TA etc. unless the arrears are cleared in full
(d) Transfer of membership
The membership of the Forum cannot be transferred
(e) Termination of membership
The Executive Committee shall have powers to terminate the membership of any member after giving a ‘show cause’ notice giving 30 days’ period for submission of reply by the member and after examining the explanations submitted by the member and after being convinced that the member committed any/all of the following: 1) The member has not been working in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Forum. 2) The member has been working against the ethics, policies and/or interests of the Forum In the instance of removal from the membership of the Forum, the admission fee, the membership fee and the membership fee for associate membership of FBOA paid by the member will not be refunded. Such removal of a member from the Forum shall be placed in the ensuing General Meeting of the Forum.
(f) Sharing of subscription collected from members with Zone/ Area Committees
Monthly subscription collected by the Central office from members of each zone/are shall be earmarked up to 50% to meet the expenses that may be incurred to strengthen the activities at the zonal/area level in the following cases. i. Lunch/Tea meetings shall be arranged on a quarterly basis incurring a maximum of Rs.300/Rs.100 respectively per subscribing member participating in such meetings or 50% of the subscription collected from the total number of members in the zone/area, whichever is less shall be reimbursed. ii. Expenses in connection with visit of sick members, death/ other genuine expenses as approved by the EC shall be eligible for reimbursement.
1. General Body of the Forum shall be constituted by all members of the Forum whose names appear in the Membership Register.
2. Annual General Body Meeting of the Forum shall be convened within six months from the close of the financial year. The meeting shall be convened by the General Secretary as per the decisions taken in the Executive Committee, giving not less than 21 days notice to the members.
3. Extraordinary General Meeting can be convened after giving 10 days notice to the members, to take Decisions on any urgent matter, as decided by the Executive Committee. 
4. The quorum for the General Body Meetings shall be 20% of the total members or a minimum of 150 members, whichever is less, as per the Membership Register as on 30th June of the year.
5. The agenda of Biennial General Body meeting shall, inter-alia, include the following: (i) Passing of accounts of the preceding Financial Year (Income & Expenditure account, balance sheet etc), along with Audit reports (ii) General Secretary’s report for the year. (iii) Election of office-bearers and Executive Committee members for the succeeding two years. (Applicable in the alternate years) (iv) Installation of new office bearers and Executive Committee Members (Applicable in the alternate years)
6. The President or in his absence Vice-President shall preside over the General Body meetings. If both President and VicePresident are not available, Executive Committee shall nominate a suitable person to preside over the meeting
7. Any member can raise any issue or move any resolution in the General Body meeting by giving a copy of the resolution or description of the issue to the General Secretary at least seven days before the proposed date of the meeting and the same can be passed only by a 2/3rd majority of the members registered for the meeting.
8 Any issue raised in the General Body meeting without notice shall be permitted at the sole discretion of the President of the meeting.
9. Every issue can be decided unanimously or by voting among members present. Decisions by way of official resolutions proposed by the Executive Committee shall be by simple majority of members present and voting except on matters pertaining to Winding up of the Forum as per Clause 14 or amendment of Bye-Laws as per clause No.15.(3) of the Bye-Laws. Voting can be by show of hands and if demanded by a minimum of ten members, by secret ballot. The decisions of the President of the meeting on the conduct of the General Body meeting shall be final and binding on all members.
1. Election of the office bearers and Executive Committee members shall be conducted biennially during the Biennial General Body meeting in the alternate years when elections are due.
2. Executive Committee shall appoint a Presiding Officer to conduct the elections and shall notify the same, while convening the Biennial General Body meeting.
3. The Presiding Officer shall take charge of the proceedings of the General Body meeting after completion of the normal business agenda and shall conduct the elections.
4. The Presiding officer shall call for nominations in Form No.EL 1 from members seconded by at least one more member from the floor for each post. Withdrawals can be made in the floor itself. The order of election will be for the post of President, 3 Vice Presidents of which one post of Vice President is reserved for outside Kerala zones, General Secretary, 2 Dy. General Secretaries, Treasurer and 11 Executive Committee Members of which 2 posts are reserved for women
5. If there is only one candidate for a post, such candidate shall be declared elected unanimously. If there are more candidates than the number of posts, elections shall be held by show of hands. If a minimum of ten members press for a poll, Presiding Officer shall order election by secret ballot.
6. The decision/s of the Presiding Officer in the election proceedings shall be final and binding on all members.
7. After the results of the Election are declared, the Presiding Officer shall, along with the outgoing office bearers, proceed to install the new office bearers and conclude the proceedings of the Election process. 
1) a. In order to strengthen the activities of the Forum, the area of operations shall be divided into ten or more zones. For the time being there shall be 10 zones (five in Kerala and five outside Kerala). The five Zones in Kerala shall be Headquartered at Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kottayam Kozhikode and Thrissur (new zone comprising of members of Thrissur District carved out from Ernakulam zone and members of Palakkad Dist carved out from Kozhikode Zone) and the five Zones outside Kerala shall be Headquartered at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. For co-ordinating the activities in each Zone, the Forum shall have a Zonal Secretary in each Zone, duly elected in the respective Zonal Meeting of members, who will be in charge of the respective Zone. The election of Zonal Secretaries shall be completed preferably within 60 days of the General Body, but in any case, not later than 90 days if a vacancy of the Zonal Secretary arises, such vacancy shall be filled in by the Executive Committee in the next meeting. The Executive Committee shall, from time to time, decide on the geographical composition of areas falling under each Zone and effect changes in the functional assignment of the Zonal Secretaries and shall report, such changes modifications, if any, in the ensuing AGM.
b. At the request of the members for formation of a new Area, EC shall decide on such request. There shall be a minimum of not less than 15 members for constituting new Area outside Kerala State and not less than 25 members for forming new Area within Kerala State. Zonal Secretaries shall convene meeting of members in such centres for formation of new Area and election of Area Secretary
2. The Administration will vest on 21 Executive Committee Members (including President, three Vice Presidents, General Secretary, two Deputy General Secretaries and Treasurer duly elected in the Biennial General Body Meeting, Assistant Secretary(Nominated) and Assistant Treasurer-Nominated from the Committee). Out of this two posts shall be reserved for women members. In addition to 21 members, the President and General Secretary of the Federal Bank Officers’ Association (FBOA) will be Ex-Officio members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, at its discretion, may nominate upto a maximum of two members to the Committee and such nomination shall be reported to the next Biennial General Body Meeting.” In addition all Zonal Secretaries shall be called for EC Meetings as invitees
3. Auditors:
Internal Auditor : The Biennial General Body Meeting shall appoint an Internal Auditor for the Forum, for a biennial term, who shall be a member of the Forum. The Internal Auditor shall examine the books of accounts and vouchers and submit his report periodically specifically mentioning the details of extra-ordinary income and expenditure, if any, with reference to the approved budget. a. External Auditor : The Biennial General Body Meeting shall appoint a Chartered Accountant / CA Firm as Statutory Auditor for the ensuing biennial term and shall fix the Audit Fee payable
4) The Executive Committee has the powers to appoint sub - committees according to necessity and such sub- committees shall be solely controlled by the Executive Committee.
5) Quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be Nine. (9)
6) The President will use his voting right only in case of a tie to give his casting vote.
7) The term of the Executive Committee and office bearers shall be two years from the date they assume charge till the date the new office bearers and Executive Committee are installed. The President, General Secretary and Treasurer can hold the same post only for two consecutive terms (4 years). They can be elected to the same post only after a break of one full term (2 years).
8) In the case of vacancies arising in the Executive Committee during its tenure, the remaining Executive Committee members shall have the right to co-opt members whose tenure shall be the remaining period of the original Executive Committee.
9) In the event of an Executive Committee member being absent in official meetings consecutively three times without satisfactory reasons, such member can be removed from the committee.
10) An Executive Committee member shall not have any financial liability towards the Forum
11) In the event of the President resigning, the duties of the President shall be entrusted with the Vice-President (Senior in age) temporarily and the Executive Committee shall accept the resignation. Vacancies in the Executive Committee, including those of the Office Bearers will be filled up, by co-option, As per clause (8) above.
12) Due to whatever reasons, if majority of the members of the Executive Committee submit their resignation, the General Secretary shall immediately convene a General Meeting and take necessary steps to fill up the vacancies.
13) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in two months
14) The Executive Committee shall in every meeting, examine the income and expenditure account of the previous month/s and shall pass the same, if found reasonable and satisfactory. If any amount is found to be recovered from any member, steps shall be taken to recover the amount immediately
15) The Forum may borrow fund up to a maximum limit of Rs. 10 L from Financial Institutions/Banks for the benefit of the Forum after getting due approval from the Executive Committee. In such cases, loan documents shall be signed jointly by the President ,General Secretary and Treasurer.
16) Travelling Expenses : Actual expenses incurred or 3 AC Sr. Citizen Rail fare whichever is less shall be paid to office bearers, EC Members, Zonal and Area Secretaries for attending Officer Bearers’ / Executive Committee Meetings of the Forum and meetings/ conferences of AIBPARC at National and State Level. Members outside Ernakulum Zone who attend the Annual General Body Meetings of the Forum are also eligible for reimbursement of Travelling expenses at the above rates. Executive Committee may consider sanction / reimbursement of expenses in excess of the above ceiling on a case to case basis.
(1) President
a) Oversee the administration of the Forum b) The records of all documents in favour of the Forum shall be in the name of the President in his official capacity as President of the Forum. c) Preside over the Executive Committee meetings and General Meetings d) In case the President is not able to be present in any meeting, the information shall be passed on to the Vice-President and General Secretary.
(2) Vice President
a) To preside over the meetings in the absence of the President and to fulfill the duties of the President b) To help the President in monitoring the general affairs of the Forum c) To do any other matters entrusted by the Executive Committee. d) Out of the three Vice-Presidents elected in the Biennial General Body Meeting, one Vice-President shall be in charge of Ernakulam Zone together with other southern Kerala Zones. Another VicePresident shall be in charge of Northern Kerala Zones. The Vice-President from Outside Kerala Zones shall be in charge of all Outside Kerala Zones 
(3) General Secretary
a) To carry out the day to day administration of the Forum under the supervision of the President
b) To prepare, maintain and preserve all records and registers necessary for the smooth functioning of the Forum
c) To take care of and administer all assets of the Forum.
d) To manage the necessary day to day correspondence of the Forum
e) To convene Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings
f) To prepare, present and preserve (1) Working reports, (2) Statements of Income & Expenditure, (3) Balance Sheet, (4) Reports of Executive Committee meetings and General Meetings and (5) Annual Budget
g) Shall jointly with the Treasurer meet expenses for the administration of the Forum and for its day to day activities against proper vouchers, as per the budget or as per the approval of the Executive Committee
h) Whenever any amount is spent exceeding the budget provisions, with the approval of the Executive Committee, the same shall be submitted as additional budget in the General Meeting and approval obtained
i) Shall do other things authorized by the Executive Committee and/ or General Body
(4) Deputy General Secretary
a) To Assist the General Secretary in administration b) To fulfil the duties of the General Secretary in his absence c) To do other matters entrusted by the Executive Committee.
(4) 1. Asst. Secretary
a. To Assist the General Secretary in administration. b. To do other matters entrusted by the Executive Committee
(5) Treasurer
a) All responsibility with regard to money matters rests with the Treasurer b) To maintain proper accounts and records of all money collected by the Forum c) Official vouchers shall be signed by the Treasurer along with the General Secretary d) The Treasurer may keep Rs.10,000/- with him for any emergency day to day expenditure and any amount in excess of the same shall be deposited in the Bank of the Forum e) Treasurer shall keep necessary vouchers for any amount spent. f) Treasurer shall keep the bank pass books and Cheque books g) All receipts issued by the Forum shall be affixed with the official stamp of the Forum
(6). Asst. Treasurer
a) To assist the Treasurer to maintain proper accounts of the Forum b) To perform the duties of the Treasurer in his absence c) To perform any other duty/duties assigned by the Executive Committee
(7) Zonal Secretary
a) Zonal Secretary shall look after the welfare of the members coming under his jurisdiction. b) He shall maintain close liaison with the Central Office and act as the Zonal representative of the Central office. c) He shall ensure that the decisions of the Central Office are properly conveyed to the members and implemented and feed backs are reported to the Central Office. d) He shall work in close liaison with the Area Secretaries and extend all support to them for the smooth running of the respective Areas. 
1) Admission fee, Membership fee, any contributions received, grants if any received from the Government or any other source, any loans raised, any income received from the functioning of the Forum etc. will consist of the working fund of the Forum.
2) Subject to the approval of the Executive committee, contributions can be accepted for any general purpose or for any special purpose
3) Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the Forum can expand its working fund by exploring other sources of income.
All surpluses/savings of the Forum shall be deposited in the name of the Forum in a bank account authorised by the Executive Committee. The account can be operated by the Treasurer jointly with either President or General Secretary.
1) A file containing the bye-laws of the Forum and certificates
2) Minutes book
3) Register of members
4) Receipt books
5) Income and Expenditure register, Day book, General Ledger
6) Register of all assets of the Forum
7) Pass books and Cheque books
8) Statement of Income and Expenditure
9) Notice book
10) File of correspondence
11) Inward / Outward register
12) Other registers, if any, required 
1) Any litigation, for or against the Forum, shall be conducted by the President/General Secretary of the Forum as decided by the Executive Committee
2) Any litigation connected with the Forum shall be under the jurisdiction of law courts in Ernakulam
3) The Executive Committee has the right to recover any money due to the Forum
Any member of the Executive committee of the Forum, any member of the Forum or any employee of the Forum can be prosecuted under civil law or criminal law or under both, if it is found that any money belonging to the Forum is misused, any loss is caused to the Forum, any damage is caused to the assets of the Forum intentionally, any fraudulent papers/records are made to cause financial loss to the Forum in which any of the above are suspected to be involved.
Members numbering not less than 75% of the total members can decide in the meeting to wind up the Forum . In the event of such a decision, the Forum shall be wound up immediately or on the particular date and time agreed upon for the same. The assets and liabilities of the Forum shall be decided upon and all liabilities shall be settled. Any surplus remaining shall not be divided among the members, but shall be entrusted with the Government or any similar organization in the territory.
1) The Federal Bank Retired Officers’ Forum shall have a Registered Office, a name board and an official seal. For the sake of convenience , the Forum may conduct its day today affairs in any other place also with the approval of the Executive Committee. 
2) In case of any doubt or dispute regarding any clause in the byelaws, the decision of the Executive Committee will be final
3) The bye-laws can be amended in the Annual General Meeting or in an Extra Ordinary General Meeting which has the required quorum, convened after giving due notice as per clause Nos 6A (3) and 6A(7) informing the proposed amendment, provided the amendment is approved with 2/3rd majority of the members present.
4) The Forum will function as a society under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Society Registration Act No.12 of 1955. This bye-law was approved in the Executive Committee Meeting of The Federal Bank Retired Officers’ Forum held on 18 June 2018 subsequently amended / modified in the AGM held on 24.06.2018.

Sd/-                                                                                 Sd/- 
President                                                                         General Secretary


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    As per clause 6 A (2) of the bye-law, notice is hereby given for the 25th National Conference (Annual General Body Meeting) of the Federal Bank Retire..