Post Name PF No. Votes Remarks
President   Sri Tom Thomas 701    Elected Unopposed
Vice presidents(Kerala Zones) (2 Posts)     1.Sri George C Chacko  1766  136  Declared Elected
2.Sri Ravindran K  364  99  Declared Elected
3. Sri Damodaran V  367  78  
4. Sri Ramachandran Nair T V  482  30  
Vice President (Outside Kerala Zones)  Sri Subbarao T V  1125    Elected Unopposed
General Secretary  Sri Thomachan K T  798    Elected Unopposed
DY General Secretary   Sri Rajanarayanan V M  2006    Elected Unopposed
Sri Mohammed Ansari P K  2132    Elected Unopposed
Treasurer  Sri Ramesh Babu K  1545    Elected Unopposed
EC Members (9 Posts)          Sri Ajithkumar K K  2613  151  Declared Elected
Sri Rajavarma E K  2818  148  Declared Elected
Sri Mohandas C P  819  145  Declared Elected
Sri Pappachan V O  1858  138  Declared Elected
Sri Abraham A P  1445  125  Declared Elected
Sri Gopakumar P  1269  113  Declared Elected
Sri Paul Jose Mathew  3028  94  Declared Elected
Sri Devaraj P S  3174  93  Declared Elected
Sri Unnikrishnan K  1233  85  
Sri Janardhana Iyer M  780  64  
Sri Vijayan T  1065  59  
EC Members (Ladies)   Smt Girija C George  3078    Elected Unopposed
Smt Lakshmiprabha P  2627    Elected Unopposed


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    As per clause 6 A (2) of the bye-law, notice is hereby given for the 25th National Conference (Annual General Body Meeting) of the Federal Bank Retire..