A very hearty welcome to the website of Federal Bank Retired Officers Forum (FBROF).

A recapture on the Formation of Federal Bank Retired Officers’ Forum (FBROF) and the Historic Background.

Federal Bank Retired Officers’ Forum is an organisation of the former officers of Federal Bank.

It was formed in the year 1994 under the aegis of Federal Bank Officers Association (FBOA).

Excerpts from the Report presented by Sri P V Mathew, the then General Secretary of FBOA to the 21st National Conference of Federal Bank Officers’ Association held at Ernakulam on 29th October 1995.

I am really glad to report to this august Conference about the birth of a new organisational wing of FBOA- Federal Bank Retired Officers’ Forum (FBROF) – to cater to the needs of our retired colleagues.  The Foundation Conference of the Forum was held at FBOA Centre on 11th June, 1994. The Conference unanimously elected Sri K M Abraham as Chairman, Sri P George Samuel as Secretary and Sri C O Thomas as Treasurer.

Thus the Federal Bank Retired Officers Forum came into existence with a membership of a dozen plus.

Now, the membership has crossed 2000 with Zonal / Area Committees throughout the country almost on the lines of the Zonal/ Regional set up of Federal Bank and FBOA. FBROF is an Organisational offspring of FBOA and affiliated to All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation (AIBPARC).

FBOA is the sole organization of Federal Bank Officers. It was formed in the year 1967. It is an organisation with firm Commitment to its members and undiluted loyalty to the Bank. It is one of the most vibrant organizations of AIBOC.

AIBPARC was formed at New Delhi on 25th November 2012 at the initiative of AIBOC bringing together the Retirees organizations of various Banks under one banner for highlighting and redressing the various issues confronting with the bank retirees before IBA and the Govt of India.

We are very proud to note that FBOA established about 55 years ago and FBROF formed 28 years ago are the very 1st of its kind among the Private Sector Banks in the country and among the first few of such organizations in the entire Banking scenario in India.

The names of the members who led the organisation as Chairman/President and General Secretary of FBROF are given below.

General Secretary
1994 – 1996            
K M Abraham         
George P Samuel
1996 – 1998            
K M Abraham         
George P Samuel
1998 – 2000            
M V George            
K K K Pisharody
2001 – 2003            
K V Kuriakose          
K K K Pisharody
2003 – 2005            
K V Kuriakose          
K K K Pisharody
2005 – 2007            
K V Kuriakose          
C I Jacob
2008 – 2010            
K V Kuriakose          
C I Jacob
2010 – 2011  
K V Kurakose  
K G Vijayakumar
2011 – 2012 K V Kuriakose   K G Vijayakumar
2012 – 2013   K V Kuriakose K G Vijayakumar
2013 – 2014   V Kailasnath      Xavier Gregory
2014 – 2016  P V Mathew  V Kailasnath
2016 – 2018  Sathish Chandra Babu George C. Chacko
2018 – 2020  Tom Thomas  K. T. Thomachan
2020-   2023 Tom Thomas K T Thomachan
















FBROF is a Forum now registered under the Travancore- Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955(1) No. ER.702/2009.

The Federal Family concept and the principles of integrity and nobility imbibed from the Founder of our Bank, Late K P Hormis is the guiding light in our path. 

The major issues now confronted/ demands raised by the Bank Retirees are the non‑implementation of periodical updation of pension, 100% neutralization of DA in B.P. to the retirees prior to November 2002, Medical Insurance cover to be provided by the Banks, Discrimination in Gratuity meted out by the Bank Retirees, option for pension to the Resignees, non‑availability of Banks' guest houses/ holiday homes to the Retirees etc.

These issues at national level are taken up by AIBPARC.

At the micro level, the various grievances of the Retirees/ family pensioners and suggestions for improvement of welfare measures for Retirees are actively taken up by both FBOA and FBROF with the Federal Bank management.

The present IBA Medical Insurance Policy can be described as an after-effect of the much-hailed Fedcare Medical Insurance Policy implemented in Federal Bank in the year 2012 by Sri Shyam Srinivasan MD and CEO on the representation made by FBOA and FBROF. The Fedcare with its premium substantially subsidized by the Bank has been acclaimed as a path maker on this front and a good example of meeting Corporate Social Responsibility to their own employees in their sunset years.

Federal Bank is continuing a good practice of periodical dialogue with FBROF representatives followed by close liaison by FBOA on the grievances of the Retirees belonging to Federal Bank.

The retirees in the Banking Industry today are the architects of the present modern and well acclaimed Indian Banking System with its current technological upgradation comparable to the advanced Banking scenario anywhere in the world.  Their sweat and blood and commitment and dedication are very much in the roots of the present growth of modern Banking in India in general and Federal Bank in particular connecting it to the masses of India and the banking arena world over.

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